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Here is another on of uship's greatest brokers. Uship is over-run with illegal transportation providers. They are also over-run by globaltranz. There are @ 20 agents bidding against each other and probably the same amount who quit using that site due since they have to compete with illegals.

Globaltranz is known in the industry for underhanded practices, selling insurance they do not have and rebilling once they have your CC on file.

JonesLTL lists in his profile that he is licensed to ship household goods. Golbaltranz does not hot authority by the DOT to ship household goods. LIES!

JonesLTL lists that he "represents" the nations LTL 3PL freight manager. ( Globaltranz is NOWHERE ON THAT LIST. LIES!

JonesLTL lists that they are "new" and have positive feedback. They have negative feedback. LIES!

Here is the negative feedback on this scammer: BEWARE the worst service I have EVER experienced. I accepted & paid for service with the details clearly stated. JonesLTL failed to communicate delivery details multiple times, left my personal property with an unauthorized company and location, only to be opened without my permission or presence (ILLEGAL). After admitting fault and vowing to fix things I had to pay another company to finish the job after JonesLTL said "I have wiped my hands of the situation" JLTL is unethical & unprofessional.

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We are not household movers.We do move furniture that has been crated or secured to pallets and we do not sell insurance we do not have.

Just paid 2 claims. As of 3/5/11 we are in good standing with uShio, although I am skeptical of the its practices and the scam artists who use their site to misrepresent their shipments, including the negative comment you quote who was fully refunded after she simply became an enormous pain in the ***.

She misrepresented her shipment and the delivery point.These people exist in all businesses.





If that were true about you not using uship any more then why are you still bidding?

let me guess, because you are a lying piece of stool!

don't bother trying to pull the wool over our eyes, we see through your pathetic attempt to gain sympathy. Guess what, it's not working.

You are a perfect GlobalTranz agent. You lie, you give schitty service and cannot commit when you put your word on something.


We need to clear up some matters.First, I am new to uShip and have worked hard to complete all shipments we have accepted.

Second, JonesLTL has competed nearly 80 shipments accepted from uShip customers. We have one complaint quoted above. After accepting our offer, Ms Ladd made demands that would have required us to spend 3X the fees she had agreed to pay. We refused and absorbed the cost of moving her goods from Norfolk to DC and refunded her fees in full.

We lost over $500 on the shipment. You cannot satisfy all of the folks all of the time especially when they make demands for which they refuse to pay. So lets get is straight: We moved the goods at our expense and refunded her money 100% and absorbed a loss. I hardly would call that a scam.

Thirdly, having explained ourselves I want to caution people against using uShip.

It charges excessive fees and seems to be run by a cabal of self serving "transportation providers" that place ridiculously low bids to gain business and once they have the customer add hidden charges that sometimes double or triple the costs of moving their merchandise. They claim DOT licenses they may not have and insurance they cannot verify when requested. Its obvious the management of uShip is complicit in that all "negative" comments is suppressed or erased creating a trap for the unwary and deceived customer. There seem to be hordes of gypsy truckers lurking on uShip luring unsuspecting customers into entrusting their valuables.

JonesLTL has ceased using uShip because we have concluded its a racket and we do not want to be associated with an organization that willingly associates itself with fraudulent and potentially criminal activities.

If anyone is involved in a lawsuit against uShip we would be pleased to provide evidence and/or join as an additional plaintiff.A good attorney needs to force them to either close or clean up their act before more people are injured.

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